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Android Assignment Help




This is the idea which governed the creation of a new mobile operating system back in 2003. Android is a mobile operating system which can be found in almost every other Smartphone. It is based on the Linux kernel which is currently developed by Google. It has a user interface designed for direct manipulation primarily designed for touch screen mobile phones though Android operating system can also be found in Televisions, Cars and cameras. The control functions of this operating system closely resemble real-world actions such as swiping, pinching and tapping, this makes the Android operating system quite rich and user friendly. In 2011 it surpassed the benchmark of highest base of mobile operating system user, and it 2013, it surpassed Windows, IOS and MacOS user all three combined.

The vast reach and the enormous market share is not new to anyone of us, it is quite a possibility that your cell phone runs on an Android operating system. Android practically revolutionised the mobile operating system market leaving giant players like Microsoft and Apple far behind in the race. Android Inc. was taken over by Google in the year 2005 and Google retained the key employees of Android Inc. Including the founding members. Android has been skyrocketing ever since under the umbrella of Google and creates new millstones of success every year. Google today has the largest application market and its highly customisable operating system offers a great advantage to application developers.

Apart from basic functionality of a mobile like calling and SMS, Android comes packed with features which were only a matter of imagination only a decade ago.

The user interface of the Android operating system is one with direct manipulation which is controlled by touch screen which takes inputs which closely resemble real-world actions such as swiping, pinching and so on. It is designed with quick responsiveness and the lucidity in mind which provides a seamless experience to the user. Embedded hardware such as the accelerometer and gyroscope further enhance the user experience by controlling the functions of the device with minimum inputs. For instance, the orientation of the screen (portrait or landscape) is controlled by the accelerometer sensor in the phone which automatically rotates the screen according to the orientation of the phone. The next biggest advantage of having an Android operating system is the Application store. With practically millions of application and many more being developed each month, app store is sure a lucrative advantage one get while having an Android based operating system. The 32 bit ARMv7 architecture is the main hardware platform for all Android operationg systems.

Ever since its initial release, Android has been constantly upgrading its operating system, which compatible mobile devices receive through their wireless network. The latest giant release was the Android 4.4 (kitkat) after which, Android L has been scheduled for release in 2014 end.

In a market research conducted last year it was revealed that more than 80% of Smartphone market share was occupied by Android. Making Android the world most installed operating system and it will not be wrong to say that these figures are only going to rise in the future.