Analysis UK Unemployability Assignment

Analysis UK Unemployability Assignment

This is a  solution of Analysis UK Unemployability Assignment which provides analysis of actions taken by UK government to come over from this situation.


This chapter focuses on analyzing the problems that the project is facing, which were mentioned in the previous chapter. Effort is done in understanding the root cause of these problems, thereby analyzing and providing a successful way of handling and rectifying them. The focus is prominently on determining the various routes that provide a solution to the existing problems, such as identification of the roots behind problems, and subsequent strategist of the plan to mitigate and rectify them. Various sponsorship packages and sponsorships plans are provided which will help Green Light Southampton target potential companies that are interested in sponsoring such endeavors, along with the benefits and collateral opportunities that will be generated for the sponsoring companies once GLS plans are realized and achieved.


The purpose of a non-profit social enterprise such as Green Light Southampton Ltd is to add social and environmental value to the community. The primary problem is building a firm organization that can achieve lasting change. Financial assistance or sponsorship is the major problem behind numerous such enterprises. For Green Light to achieve sustainability, it needs long-term sponsorship. For this purpose, Green Light needs wide sponsorship levels and needs to be better known among social and community groups. Green Light runs programs and activities for providing safe and secure work environment to the clients and increasing employability.

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Clients through placements to learn basic carpentry and life skills as well as adjusting to a daily work routine will be provided by the following potential sources:

  • Probation
  • City Limits
  • H2O
  • Two Saints
  • James
  • Building Bricks
  • Southampton City Council

Following are the partner companies involved in the Green Light Southampton project:

  • Solent University
  • Solent EBP
  • JW Wines
  • Scrap Store
  • Sector Mailing Services
  • Wooden Tiger
  • TLR Painters and Decorators

When a client joins the team at GLS they will complete a New Client Form from which the course best suited to their needs and requirements will be identified. A matrix will be completed which shows how such attributes have changed in the view of the client themselves. These they will mark out of ten, for example, confidence, employability and motivation. Other measurable taken will be life goals, numeracy and literacy levels. There will be a section showing outcomes and should the client be employed or at what stage they are at. Client feedback will be encouraged as well as that from either teachers or support workers. Quarterly statistics will be published on the GLS website –

In order to increase the revenue four main areas should be covered and considered:

  1. Marketing: Green Light Southampton should improve their presence in the market so that objective of achieving a projected 45 customers per day as mentioned in forecast can be met. Note: This forecast should be supported with long term objectives and a well-structured strategy.
  2. Included with creation of a business strategy is the requirement of knowing competitors of business. It is essential to know who their competitors are and what their strategies are.
  3. It is understood that the global presence of the organization is unknown and their website ranking is very low on major search engines. Therefore to ensure greater cash flows that are aligned with projected financial statements, website redesigning should be part of the action plan. If there is no budget for such action, the university can be persuaded to support the local community organization by offering them web space on their servers.

 Funding:There will be a number of revenue streams.

  • Funded client placements through for example, City Limits and Southampton City Council
  • Grants from different sources
  • Commercial sponsorship
  • Fund raising activities
  • Stock sales

Sponsorship plan:Following are few fundamental reasons why interested companies should initiate towards being a part of GLS and provide with the necessary funding which will help them achieve their aims and objectives as a non-profit social enterprise.

GLS offers a wide variety of courses and creative workshops designed for expertise in many different industries. These courses have proved very beneficial to the previous clients, who have provided supportive and appreciative reviews for GLS in return. The managing staff at GLS has significant experience of working in such social enterprises. In fact, the director Maddy Law is not motivated by money and only aims at helping young people and creativity through a non-profit organization. For this particular venture, GLS has established valuable partnerships with Southampton Solent University as well as partnerships with some other social enterprises. GLS has a good base of customer and there are many young people who will have the opportunity from benefiting off the programs GLS offers. GLS also provides opportunities for its staff to be creatively involved in the company activities and certain management aspects of the programs and operations. Furthermore, GLS also creates a co-operative environment for the staff, by providing financial and other necessary helps in their time of need. Recently, a member of the staff was rewarded with £15,000 as scholarship that was solely sponsored by GLS. Ultimately, GLS aims at educating people to increase their ability to work and become an independent member of the society, thereby increasing the benchmark of quality in life. To achieve this aim, GLS needs appropriate working capital and funding resources, for which GLS is looking for a long-term sponsorship that will only be utilized for the betterment of the community.

By sponsoring GLS, there are multiple benefits for the sponsors to benefit from. Primarily, as a sponsor of a social enterprise such as GLS, the sponsoring company can enhance its image as a good corporate citizen of the community. Supporting GLS will help these corporate sponsors in promoting good will among the employees, and will potentially influence and impress high caliber constituents, donors, and volunteers of the organization, many of whom are leaders in their professions, and executives of leading area companies. By providing long-term corporate sponsorship to GLS, the sponsoring company will be able to foster, establish, strengthen and enhance key business relationships with its customer, clients, distributors, and with financial, industrial and governmental institutions. This will also help them in enhancing its image among the company's shareholders. Other benefits of sponsoring GLS include generating increased awareness and appreciation of the business among the general public, and most importantly, help fund and make possible that the organization establishes itself as a community asset.

Apart from the various social and organizational benefits that potential sponsors directly acquire from sponsoring GLS, there are several other services that GLS plans to offer its sponsors in return. These include free courses or discounts on some courses for their employees. Also, GLS will print sponsors name and logo on most of GLS products, providing advertising opportunities for the potential sponsor. This sponsor name and logo will also be printed on Green Light leaflets. Furthermore, in return of providing GLS with the much necessary financial sponsorship, the sponsors will be able to get a reserved space to have a stand in GLS workshops, and will get special seating at GLS special events.

Sponsoring packages:There are different sponsoring packages offered by GLS, namely gold, silver and bronze; categorized on the basis of difference in prices and the difference in benefits offered in return:

Bronze Package

  • Estimated price £60 per day
  • Half Banner (234 x 60 pixel) ad for the sponsoring company in GLS website for no longer than             12 weeks.
  • A stand in GLS workshop.
  • The company’s logo will be printed on GLS leaflets.
  • Complimentary tickets for GLS events.
  • A video on GLS You tube and Facebook pages.

Silver Package

  • Estimated price £70 per day.
  • Full Banner (468 x 60 pixel) ad for the sponsoring company in GLS website for no longer than     14 weeks.
  • A stand in GLS workshop.
  • The company’s logo will be printed on GLS leaflets.
  • Complimentary tickets for GLS events.
  • A video on GLS You tube and Facebook pages.
  • Company’s logo will be printed on GLS uniforms.
  • The training fees will be in installment.

Golden Package

  • Estimated price £80 per day.
  • One to one classes.
  • Leader-board (728 x 90 pixel) ad for the sponsoring company in GLS website for no longer than 14 weeks.
  • A stand in GLS workshop.
  • The company’s logo will be printed on GLS leaflets.
  • Complimentary tickets for GLS events.
  • A video on GLS You tube and Facebook pages.
  • Company’s logo will be printed on GLS uniforms.
  • The training fees will be in relaxed installments.
  • Company’s logo will be printed on GLS van.
  • Company’s logo will printed on GLS premises.

A comparative overview of the three different sponsoring packages:

FeatureBronze PackageSilver PackageGolden Package
One to one classesYes
Website bannerHalf bannerFull bannerLeader board
A stand in GLS workshopsYesYesYes
The company's logo will be printed on GLS leafletsYesYesYes
Complimentary tickets for GLS eventsYesYesYes
A video on GLS You tube and Facebook pagesYesYesYes
Company's logo will be printed on GLS uniformsYesYes
The training fees will be in relaxed installmentsYesYes
Company's logo will be printed on GLS vanYes
Company's logo will be printed on GLS premisesYes


This chapter provides a detailed explanation of the approach that was applied and followed in assessing the aims and objectives of the client and designing a project plan for that purpose. Detailed explanation is given on how the problems were identified and what necessary steps were taken to overcome those problems and achieve the desired aims and objectives. Details are provided on the strategy that was incorporated in studying the marketing potential and sponsorship options of Green Light Southampton Ltd. A holistic approach is utilized in designing and identifying the strategy that is by aligning social mission and program activities with the activities of Green Light Southampton.


The primary aim of the project was to diversify the revenue of Green Light Southampton Ltd, thereby providing financial business strategy to achieve sustainability for a noon-profit organization such as GLS. Focus has been kept on taking advantage from the governance and financial operations of the organizations, while carefully studying the resources and services available to the organization. The project is designed with the aim of articulating the vision of and developing a plan to meet the needs of the client. The strategic plan will help the client realize new opportunities, thereby providing necessary infrastructure plan to realize those opportunities. To design the planning process, the approach used involves exploring current reality of the organization and predicting its possible implications in the future. The focus is kept on determining the long-term and short-term objectives of the organization, and creating and implementing plans for developing strategic models tied with the desired aim and objectives. A customized approach has been implemented for a better understanding of planning and evaluation areas of work, which will help the client, achieve their goals. Various research, assessments and information have been utilized in development of the strategic planning and decision making.

A SWOT analysis was done to develop a strategic planning method for specifying the aims and objectives of the GLS venture, and thereby identify the favorable and unfavourable factors towards achieving those outlined objectives. The idea is to align the enterprise mission, strengths and goals with the revenue objectives. The ideas are evaluated against operational and objective oriented factors.

In order to increase the revenue of Green Light Southampton, there are several steps that should be taken. First of all, as Green Light Southampton provides a social benefitting, the company is looking for a corporate social sponsoring client. An action plan has been produced by the group with the focus on how Green Light Southampton can acquire sponsorship and what can Green Light Southampton can offer sponsors.

GLS has developed a three step strategy for helping them realize their aims and objectives.

Step 1: GLS aims at getting better known and take advantage from being in exhibition.

Step 2: GLS is looking for a wide range of sponsorship levels, and is targeting companies interested in sponsoring this kind of social enterprise. Some of those potential companies targeted by GLS for acquiring sponsorship are:

  • Tesco
  • M & S
  • Flybe
  • red funnel
  • Starbucks

Step 3: GLS is also aiming at acquiring a long-term sponsorship. To achieve the long-term aims set by the organization, GLS is focusing on writing a successful letter asking for a corporate sponsorship, and is looking forward to applying for corporate sponsorship through corporate agents.

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