9 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function

9 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function

9 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function

Executive functioning is a procedure of developed brain functioning that is involved in goal-directed activities. It is the set of cognitive skills used in reasoning in changing or new problem-solving situations. Executive functioning is the part of the mind that allows people to make direct attention and decisions to a range area in order to be successful in a goal. It is the mental operation that we do to make it possible for us to grasp a final goal. They permit us to select, plan and make decisions. Executive functions are connected to our ability strategies and make goals and used abilities in planning to achieve goals.

Here are some exercises that can help you to improve your executive function:

 1. Dividing tasks into smaller parts will help you improve executive functions

9 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function

It is very important to break down the task into smaller or more manageable parts to attain the goal. When you do this, you will have to properly plan your actions and order the tasks from most to minimum important. Planning is a good way to improve your executive functions; because it will help you use your cognitive resources and improve your cognitive flexibility.

 2. Manage your time well to improve your executive functions

Time management is very important to improve your executive function. Firstly you should estimate how long each activity will take and expect some problems along the way, it will help you to manage your time. Instead of planning just enough time to get everything complete, you will take into account possible problems.

3. Teach yourself something new

When we teach ourselves new things, we are planning deficits decrease, less impulsive and also improve cognitive flexibility. Talking to ourselves can assist us to improve cognitive functions. You will save your energy by talking to yourself, saying what comes next, thinking about it and making it happen.

4. Playing sports  

9 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function

Playing sports is very important to our physical health. Playing some kind of competitive sport also helps improve cognition. When we play sports our personal skills and focused attention increase, which will assist you to assist you in help decisions making when you are on the move and relate to others as well as improve cognitive flexibility.

5. The importance of lists

Making lists of all of the things that you have to do for the week, what you having a plan for your actions and manage your time for each task, it will also help you think about the future and permit for a possible problem that arises. Making lists can help you plan your goals, figure out what is more or less important, and do your daily activities efficiently.

6. Emotional dictionary

For this exercise, you will require a dictionary, a paper, and a pen. You should look up words that express an emotion, write it down, and think about a time when you felt that emotion. This exercise helps develop your executive functions by working on self-control. It requires you to think introspectively, which will help you train your executive functions.

7.  Music is your friend

9 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function

Music helps the brain a great way to improve executive functions. Music can assist you to develop your ability to extemporize, your working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility.

8. Be in a play

Plays need you to act, learn choreography and work with the rest of the cast. Actors have to learn lines, which assists them to improve their focus and working memory.

9. Playing video games

If you have time to spare, playing video games can be a good way to improve and exercise executive functions. It can help you improve your response time, selective attention and inhibition.    

Executive function is very important for our cognitive skills.  These exercises will help you to improve the functions of our mind. Apply these exercises in your daily life and enjoy a happy life.